Solo travel epiphanies

So I bought this really rad computer right before I left…

It’s small. It’s light. It’s gold. And it fits in my purse. My little purse. Which to be completely honest is like a mid-size purse to any normal person. I usually sport the kind that resembles an Escalade…

At any rate I’ve barely used this beautiful and very useful purchase. Not because I haven’t been writing. Nope. Because internet speeds in European hotels are beyond slow…

So how have I been writing all these blog posts?

On my iPhone.

Yes. I kid you not.

Thank goodness WordPress has an app.

Anyway, I’m a week into my solo-ing.

Quick recap on my trip so far: Rome happened – don’t worry I’ll post about it! Remember… not doing the chronological thing. And I’m now in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. City to beach. Just what I needed after clocking some serious mileage… kilometerage? Not sure how to deal with this whole metric system thing.

And during this first week of being on my own, I’ve made some observations. I titled it in my mini Moleskine:

Things that suck about traveling by yourself


 You never realized you needed someone else till…

I’ll have the…

When there are too many amazing choices on the menu and you can’t order them all. Max you could choose like three things… But even then the waiter looks you up and down with skeptical/judging eyes.

Candid photos

I follow dametraveler on Instagram and they have been a huge inspiration to do this trip. Their feed’s full of these epic pics of women alone in exotic places, their backs turned and gazing off wildly into the distance… 

Yeah, not gonna happen with a selfie stick. So my question is are these women actually traveling alone? Do you ask a stranger? …

“Excuse me, would you mind taking a picture of me? So here’s my phone. I’m actually gonna run like 10 yards (I mean meters) away and turn my back to you. Then take the pic. And if you could try to make it kind of artistic that’d be great, thanks!”

Not sure I’m that bold…


I honestly can’t imagine anything more awkward than going up to a stranger and asking them to rub greasy lotion onto your shoulders and low back. How do people deal with this? Wear a t-shirt all day? End up with a lobster tan? Good thing I have contortionist shoulders and a good base tan already…


When the toilet paper runs out and you’re stuck with no one to hand you the extra roll or call housekeeping. Then again you have no one to blame but yourself. Who else used the last of the roll?

But my bags…

When you’re in the airport or at the train station and the bathroom’s paging you over the loudspeaker. But there’s no one to watch your bags. Do ask a stranger to watch them (and then run off with them) or do you cram them into that very unhygienic stall setting your duffle down on floor that’s most certainly splattered with urine? 

These are situations I’d like to know how the professionals handle. IPhone tripod? Special sunscreen on a stick? Maybe someone should invent that. Maybe I should invent that! 

At any rate this is all just small stuff. 

The big things you miss are not so easily replaced: dinner conversation, sharing a laugh over something funny you saw, squeezing the hand you’re holding when awe overcomes & words fail, having a partner in crime with whom you discover & explore. 

Life was never meant to be a monologue. 

But as someone who has a real relationship with the Living God, here’s the good news: You can share it all with Him! 

In fact, this is what we were created for. To bring glory to God and enjoy Him forever.

The fulfillment of our purpose. 

And I don’t know about you, but for me I find it most challenging to just be with Him, be present with Him, when I’m constantly surrounded by so many others. Maybe that’s why so often Jesus retreated to a solitary place. 

And as I continue in this solo travel, it’s in these times of solitude that I am most keenly aware of His presence, the Presence of the Almighty. I can just be with Him, undivided, deepening my relationship with Him, and having space to hear from Him. Special things just for me. My getaway with God.

So when I’m by myself and I encounter those moments of awe and wonder, it’s His hand I get to squeeze as I eek out four small words, “Wow. Thank you Lord!”

And in this I’m doing exactly what I was created to do. 

These are just some of my solo travel epiphanies. 

Thanks for reading! 

just Jessika


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