Macs do IT

The beads of sweat accumulated on the back of my neck as I plopped into my seat.

I’ve only had to run for a plane once before. Guess this made it twice.

The cost of traveling to Italy, or, well anywhere in Europe, from the US has in my opinion risen to a ridiculous level. Especially considering the price of fuel these days. So when we (my husband, mother and father-in-law and myself) booked our tickets, we avoided it all together.

Off to Vancouver B.C. we went… You would too if it saved you about a grand per person per ticket. No joke people. No joke.

Side note: If you love to travel there’s an app that’s an absolute must. It’s called Hopper. Just get it. Now.

We took the Bolt bus from downtown Seattle up to Vancouver and celebrated the commencement of our amazing trip with a night there before catching our morning flight back down to Seattle (yes.. a bit absurd), on to London/Heathrow, and then finally to Milan.

You would think that an hour and a half to transfer from a flight would be plenty of time. In fact, ideal! No waiting around. Just enough time to figure out your next departure gate, grab a coffee and go!


Not when you have to navigate a maze of corridors like a hamster in one of those elaborate tunnel-thingies. Thank goodness for the bright orange fast pass that enabled us to cut every single line (Can I get one of those for life in general? For traffic? That’d be nice…).

And yet the orange pass couldn’t stop time… Literally running with my two giant carry-on bags slung over each shoulder I felt like I should’ve had a siren beeping and sign flashing “wide load,” as I barreled down the concourse. And then I heard those words I’d always scoffed at before, “this is your FINAL boarding call…”

Finally sitting in my middle seat between my husband and mother-in-law I was severely disappointed when I reached up to turn the air on full-blast and there was none to be had. So that orange pass that had been so handy served a final purpose: fan.

But we made it! And with all our bags too. In my book that’s a success! Two more trains from Malpensa to Milan to Florence and our 48 hours-ish of Planes, Trains and Automobiles came to a close.

And now, Italia! The Macs are here.

Next up: Florence and Tuscany with Ryan’s best bud Brad and his beautiful wife Silvia as our most gracious hosts.

Till then,



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