Best-Laid Plans… Part I

I’ve had so many good intentions.

So so many.
And for so many different things.
Obviously this blog is one of them.

And it’s not for lack of good writing material… On the contrary, life feels like it’s been moving at the speed of, well, take your pick: light? a high-speed train? the growth rate of an infant?
Side note: I went off on a very long tangent about how my Facebook newsfeed is at least 50% comprised of people’s baby’s photos… I’ll spare you the rant. Needless to say, babies grow really really fast. But I bet you already knew that.

And I can guess what some of you may be thinking… No. I’m not having a baby. Although I’ll admit I do feel a bit like a mom, frantically running around trying to keep up with things. Especially this blog.
Actually that’s a lie. It’s been pretty low on the priority list these days.

Well it’s time for a change people!

It’s summer and I have 8 weeks off.

Okay well I had 8 weeks off. Now I have a little over 3…
Like I said, time is just streaking by.

Originally my plan was to blog once a week. And I thought I was setting the bar pretty darn low with that one. Apparently not. I guess that means I owe you (myself? the Lord?) 4 posts. It is, after all, His gift that I’m burying in the sand.
Mmmm… sand.
Clearly my summer mind has set in.

Well I was gonna go real deep with this one. I really want to (surprise, surprise…). But I’m afraid if I head down that path this post will become a novella. And lets be honest… When resurfacing from a serious hiatus you don’t bombard your dwindling (nonexistent?) readership with the deep stuff.
You keep it light. You keep it fluffy. You keep it short.

So that’s what I’ll do. The deep stuff will keep for Part II.
Funny… My plans usually never include a part II or plan B… what have you. But, well, it inevitably follows. God’s grace in my Part II.

Till Part II.

just Jessika



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