Swan Song

I’ve run out of words.

I know, I know… You’re probably wondering how that’s possible, since I haven’t written a single thing for this blog since… I don’t know… February?

Well get ready! You’re about to be inundated by posts.
Feast or famine, people, feast or famine.
Man I really need to get myself out of this “all or nothing” mentality. And I don’t just mean in my writing habits… It seems to be my default mode in nearly every area of my life. But that’s an entirely different post.

At any rate I’m talking about words for what I’m about to do. What I’m about to dance.
The incomparable and exquisite Swan Lake.

©Angela Sterling Photography

This ballet and I, we have history. A lot of it.
I think it’s my fifth or sixth time dancing this gem. Every time it feels new. And yet every time it feels like coming home. My arms, my back, my body, my soul they thank me. My hips and feet not so much – they get a bit abused by all the running and standing, but, well they can suck it up… The rest of myself is utterly rejoicing on the inside and out at the privilege and delight it is to dance this, my most favorite ballet.


©Angela Sterling Photography

And today marks the beginning of the end. Actually that would’ve been yesterday – our last weekend of shows. But today’s the day when I get to start “crossing things off” – roles I won’t be performing again. Quite possibly ever – or at least until I go Home…
It’s bittersweet these endings. On the one hand, my hips and feet are excited about the upcoming rest they’ll receive (a 3-week break in 3 long days). On the other hand, my soul is sad at the thought of having to say goodbye to this beautiful ballet – a ballet that is so very much intwined with my heart and soul.
I’ve run out of words because I’ve already written a piece about Swan Lake for 4dancers – a dance blog I contribute to (quite possibly more frequently than my own blog – yikes!).
So I’m not gonna try…
Please, click here to read the piece – Searching for Swans. A piece that came from the depths of my heart and soul.
My “swan song” to Swan Lake…

I hope it inspires you and tugs at your heart too.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas



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