Well dang…

I think the title says it all.
When was the last time I wrote on this blog? June?


As always I have high and lofty intentions… You know… to write like 6 different posts of our Croatian Honeymoon, compiling a sort of travel guide if you will… I mean seriously I have enough photos for like 60 post so I thought I was being conservative with just 6. Like I said, high and lofty. 
I should really just start setting the expectation bar below sea level and then maybe I wouldn’t begin every new blog post with a profusion of apologies. It’s getting old.

So yes. I fully intended on letting the entire summer go by before I wrote something new. You know one a season. That should do it, right?
Nope. It’s not working. I can’t even fool myself.

But I’m happy to say that hopefully I’ve implemented a new system that might be conducive to more consistent writing. And what might this system be?

It’s called my husband has a new job that requires us both to be up by 6am and gets us both in bed by 9pm. Bible study in the am, and writing in the pm. Both done in our sometimes-too-comfortable bed. System check. Well, sorta. Don’t ask me what happens to that system when I’m going on stage at 9pm.  Performance weeks don’t count right? Haha. I guess I’ll just have to create a second system… me thinks that one’s just called sleep. And on that note maybe I should re-think my “location,” otherwise system #1 might become system #2… Yikes.

But I have a back-up for the back-up, if you know what I mean… An outlet to exercise the gift that God’s given me that I’ve thus far buried deep in the ground. It’s called being a “contributing writer.” Yep. Amazingly enough, I was asked to write quarterly for a dance website called 4dancers.org. My inaugural article was published today! Hooray! So I guess I haven’t been entirely slothful the last week and a half. But man am I ever out of practice…

So if a) you’re reading this (is anybody reading this?!!), b) you’ve made it this far and c) you’d like to read some more you can check it out by clicking here or the link below.
I was asked by my editor, the lovely Catherine Tully, to write about our upcoming season-opener Jewels. I will say I had fun finding so many lovely parallels with art and pictures in my head. It’s definitely made the rehearsal process for this ballet a fun one, even if it’s just me thinking these things… 🙂

©Angela Sterling Photography

I make no promises but I hope to back online and writing more regularly.
For now, cheers and Happy Friday!!!!


And here’s the link: http://www.4dancers.org/2014/09/jewels-a-multifaceted-ballet/


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