Go Hawks!

“Come on, come on, come on… AH! COME. ON!!!”

“He’s doing it, he’s doing it, HE’S. DOING. IT!!!!!”
“OH! OH! OH! Comeee onnnn…
The decible level is much much too high. It doesn’t help that I was sitting at the end of the megaphone that is my family’s home. Hardwood floors throughout = as if Mom were screaming in my ear. Literally. (Now if I were at Quest Field I think I’d need to hold a megaphone up to my own ear. For a week.) The smartest decision I made all day was moving from the kitchen to the couch.
I think in general I get most things. And by “get” I mean, you know, for the most part I have some sort of knowledge or understanding. At the very least I can appreciate or sympathize… Case in point: the Arnold Schwarzenegger Superbowl commercials.
Yeah. I don’t get football.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m definitely a “Go Hawks!” kind a girl. I don’t think you can live in Seattle right now and not subscribe to the 12th Man club. Everywhere I go… it’s as if the only colors in existence are green and navy blue. And the number 12 – I’ve seen it waving proud from windows of cop cars to graffitied on road construction signs. Seattle has Seahawk playoff fever. And it’s easy to get sucked in to the excitement even if you’re not a football fan.
But seriously. I don’t get it.
Can someone please explain it to me? Please?
What is it about football that gets people so rilled up? That sets them on the soaring heights of ecstasy or drops them to the deepest depths of depression? That makes big burly men cry? That’s inspired countless movies, made-for-TV movies, TV programs, songs and I don’t know what else? That monopolizes people’s Sundays and Mondays (not to mention conversations, lives, hygiene habits) for months? Silver Linings Playbook anyone? De Niro and the Ju-Ju…?
I mean it’s guys in tights throwing the ball, running and tackling each other… With the number of times I’ve seen Rudy you’d think I’d get it by now…
There must be something I’m missing.
Well my husband, who grew up in a household where the Hawks reign supreme, tried to explain it to me in a way that I sort of understand…
That it’s the closest thing we have these days to a good ol’ fashioned battle. A war. It’s the essence of man: To struggle. To fight. To win. To overcome. Our men are literally fighting to forward our cause. To win the battle and return victorious. Or to protect the home front. It’s about pride. Dignity. Strength. Think Braveheart. Think William Wallace. “Freedom!” Okay maybe not.
But this I get.
So here’s to dignity. To defense. To fighting the good fight. To victory. To my Mom’s screaming. To the 12th man. To the Seahawks. To the Superbowl 2014!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!
Go Hawks!!!!

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