Discovering Discovery

Well of course I should’ve posted these long ago. Funny… Looking back at these photos, it’s hard to believe that it was only a few months ago that my very wonderful and talented sister-in-law, Kelsey Cappelletti, took these photos. Feels much longer than that! But I love them so very much and just had to share them with you all. 
There were so many to choose from, and it was quite a challenge to narrow my selection down, but here are a few of my favorites…
And I figured I’d better post my engagement photos before you get to see the wedding ones… Haha! 
This was such a fun day. Kels was incredible. Pregnant with her beautiful baby boy Ethan she spent so much time with us at the exquisitely beautiful Discovery Park – oddly enough one of Seattle’s parks I’d never been to before. It was mid-April and still a bit chilly but God provided us with absolutely exquisite weather. 
When talking about our session, and asking about “outfit changes,” Kelsey suggested maybe we bring some props. Ryan looked at me with big bright eyes, and his mischievous little-boy grin crept over his face…
“You could bring your pointe shoes!”
Staring back at him with a slightly disdainful, mostly humorous look that said “Are you serious?” I just shook my head. Yeah no.
Instead I decided to focus on something that’s brought Ryan and I closer together… our mutual love of great food (of course beautiful presentation is 49% of it… hehe… yes, this is my mother coming out in me). 
Picnic time!!! 
And well, we couldn’t have picked a more picturesque setting. Actually we didn’t. Kelsey did. Good job sis! We love you so very much.
You can check out more of Kelsey’s photos at her website. Just click here. She really is a tremendously gifted photographer. If you doubt my words of praise you can see for yourself… just scroll. Yeah, I might be a little bias, but I’m right. You’ll see.


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