But if you’re on a beach…

So I kinda got a little carried away last week with all that self-conscious talk… I guess it was kind of my honest confession/personal pep-talk. You see, for as much of a non-beach person that I am, I do thoroughly enjoy the sun (and getting a nice healthy glow if you know what I mean). I guess I just don’t like it too hot. 
That sounds terrible. 
Beggars can’t be choosers. 
And especially after our non-summer last year here in Seattle, any heat, sunlight, sunshine or general warmth is not only welcomed, it’s relished. 
I mean after a really long hard week (month? year?) sometimes there’s nothing better than plopping down in a beach chair, with a great big straw hat, and a good book – provided there’s a nice breeze and an ice-cold beverage at hand – and listening to the waves rock back and forth on the beach as you curl your toes up under the warm sand.
Wow. I’m starting to sound like a beach person aren’t I? 
Well that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in exactly one week (hence the “pep-talk”)… what looks like a very long, very hard work week. I think my body’s gonna need the rest. Now if only it weren’t for the sweating and the swimsuit dilemma… 
Yes, I’ve said goodbye to self-consciousness, but that doesn’t negate the fact that I still feel naked on the beach. And it’s odd because the older I get the more naked I feel… and I’m not that old. Do I really want to “bare all” for the entire world (or beach) to see? Why? 
Our culture tells us the less you wear the “hotter” you are, but is that really true? Personally I’d think you’d get a little chilly… haha. Wow. Okay… Bad joke
But in all seriousness, when did showing so much skin become so appealing? If mystery is the trick to keeping intrigue alive then I’d think leaving something to be discovered would be a better tactic than showing all the goods. Maybe this makes me super old-school, but I think it’s possible to be attractive, alluring (even sexy?) and still maintain some sort of modesty. I mean look at Grace Kelly… the perfect icon of beauty, grace, poise and allure. Sure she wore a bikini from time to time, but it wasn’t itty-bitty. It was functional and fashionable. Shoot, she even made the one-piece a knockout look! And thanks to many stores out there I believe the one-piece  is making a comeback… and I’m not talking about the “mom-jeans” equivalent in swimwear. I’m talking about beautiful, flattering swimsuits that are fashionable, functional and… wait for it… modest.
A week away. Sun. Lake. Beach. Book. Hat. Shades. Swimsuit. 
Posted below are some things that inspire/prepare me for a beach vacation… 
For one Arcade Fire’s Haiti… Listen to it and see if it doesn’t transport you to a beautiful place where there’s a drink with an umbrella in your hand… And then there’s Grace. Wow. Talk about breathtakingly beautiful. Wish I could work a turban… 
So as summer marches on and the mercury rises I hope you find some time to relax in that beach chair with a book- feet in the sand wearing a great swimsuit too. 



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