Well I should blog.
I need to blog.

But why? What do I have to say that really matters anyhow?
Well this is how I’m feeling today. A little blah. A little uninspired. It is a Monday afterall… Not that that’s actually a valid excuse. Sick. I’m kind of tired of “Mondays”. Why is it that Monday always equates bad, boring or blah? It’s a cop-out. It’s pathetic. Mondays are just day two of the week… Yes. Not the first day. That’s Sunday.
Oy… I’m totally going off on a rant/tangent. Sorry. Maybe I’ll write a post about Mondays on Tuesday…

And yet even though I’m slightly in this funk, slightly drawing a blank, I know I need to write. You see my school’s out!
HOORAY! Hooray. hooray?
Yeah. No. Not really…
If I were taking some mundane general-ed course now that would be a cause for celebration. But I wasn’t. As was stated in my previous post, the class that just ended was anything but mundane. It was delightful. It was insightful. It was motivational. It was inspirational. It got me writing. Writing a lot. 

So I’m determined to not let all the momentum I gained through that class just fade away. I’m determined to not let this talent, this gift God’s given me with words go to waste.
I will use my words. And I hope that they’re used to build people up, not tear them down. I hope they encourage. I hope they inspire. I hope they sometimes convict. I hope they a lot of times make you laugh.
And I hope that by sharing some of my struggles, frustrations or just random musings, you, whoever you may be, don’t feel so alone. Because lets just be honest… it’s easy to feel all alone. And alone is a terrible feeling.

Wow. Well I guess I wrote something.
Words. They’re funny things. Letters strung together. Noises combined to form a strange meaningful chorus. And they are. Meaningful. At least they should be. Sticks and stones break bones. But words. Yep. They can hurt. They do hurt. They have power. How do I use them? How do I abuse them?
Well like a lot of gifts God’s given me, I think I can waste my words too. I’m not the kind of person who packs a punch. I’m not economical. I’m superfluous. A lot of words to say a little. I’ve often thought I should strive for brevity. But, well, then that just wouldn’t be me. That’s just not Jessika. And I am just Jessika.
Lots of words. Hopefully ones that speak love and life into your life.
How do you use your words? Just something to think about this week… It’s day two. You’ve got 5 more to speak with power. To speak with truth. To speak with love. To speak with words.


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