Mug Half Full

Well I’m still reeling from this past weekend.
Did that happen?
The Lord just keeps surprising me. In a good way.
Ha! I’m generally not one for surprises, and by that I mean I’m usually not that surprise-able (yes, I did just make up that word, but you get my drift), and I don’t particularly care for them. But I will say I’ve definitely been caught off guard by quite a few things this year. Surprised. And I will say that this Planner (that would be ME) is, dare I say it, starting to like them.

But I feel like I’m getting a little off topic. This post isn’t about surprises. It’s about mugs.
At the amazing Westminster Chapel women’s retreat we had up in Leavenworth this weekend, we did a mug exchange our first night. So in typical Sika-fashion I ran over to Good Will Friday morning before meeting my ride to the retreat. I mean, 49ยข for a mug? How can you beat that?!

And this is one of the amazing mugs I found. This one I kept for myself.

Well my day today was not like this sunny Florida mug, but a lot like our Seattle weather. Grey, cold, cloudy and rainy… There were situations that could have hung over me like a big cloud of disappointment and down-poured despair on my spirits. This could have been my lot today. But I decided to choose a sunnier outlook. I decided to see the glass, or mug as half-full. How optimistic of me?!

The truth is we all could easily come up with long lists of things we wish were different. Things we don’t have. Things we wish we had. Grumble lists. The grass is always greener… yada yada yada. Ughhh… I feel depressed even writing about it.

Or we could come up with long lists of the things we’re thankful for. All the many gifts and blessings that God’s showered down on us. And we can be glad. We can rejoice. We can smile in the rain because there’s sunlight in our hearts. The Son’s light. Wow… super cheese. Velveeta cheese. But true all the same.
We can see the mug as half-full. That’s what the Lord’s taught me today. And I’m thankful for that!


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