Breath and Boredom

“I eat these when I’m bored…”

I used to down these like they were candy as a little kid. Except they weren’t the green Spearmint ones pictured above. This was back in the day when Altoids only came in the traditional (and in my opinion strongest) Peppermint flavor. You know… the tin with the red border and the white, tear-inducing chalky dots. Yeah. I used to gobble those suckers up like 3 at a time. Talk about pain tolerance. It was probably good conditioning for life as a ballet dancer.
Now I just eat these guys when I’m bored. Especially backstage at the ballet. And theater week is coming up so I guess my diet will be getting a healthy dose (overdose?) of Altoids. Preferably in either the Cinnamon or Spearmint flavor. (Sandy, our stage manager keeps us perpetually stocked with four different varieties. If only one of those were Liquorice…)ย 
Well fresh breath never hurt anyone. Guess boredom has it’s virtues…


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