An extra day

I’m so behind! By Monday of next week I need to have 12 blog posts written for 2012. So far I have 9… This is the tenth. 

And it’s already Wednesday.
And it’s the end of February. February 29th. An extra day. The Lord knows I need it. 
I just had a conversation with a friend about time. How there’s never enough… at least it feels like that. Too many things on the check list. Too many things that don’t get checked off. It can feel frustrating. Really frustrating. I hate feeling like I’m always catching up with time. Why can’t time catch up to me for once, huh? Ha! Now that would be amazing!
Well in the end I guess it comes down to priorities and grace. Putting first those things that are most important, having grace for myself when some of the others melt into tomorrow, and trusting God’s grace is sufficient for me. He will make a way for me to accomplish all that He has on my to do list for Today. I just need to seek Him first. 
And lately that’s been first thing in the morning, with my cup of coffee and my BSF lesson. But there’s something you should know about me… I’m not a morning person. I repeat: I am not a morning person. 
Saying this has been a struggle is a severe understatement. But it’s something the Lord’s been working on me for a long time. Finally I just gave up. I gave in. And I got going. And believe me there are some days when I think there’s no way I’m going to finish my Bible study questions for the day and still make it to my 10:15am company class on time. Like no way. 
But I put the Lord first. After all He is my Lord. He deserves my first, my best. And He is the Author of time… of all things. And I trust Him. I trust that He will honor this decision. Of course I have to use the common sense He gave me too. I can’t wake up at 10 and think, “Well the Lord’s just gonna push the “pause” button on time so that I can do my BSF, eat breakfast, shower, brush my teeth and drive to work, still getting there in time.” Yeah, no. 
But I will say I have seen His miraculous hand at work, stretching time if you will. I mean there’s really no other way to explain it. I’ll look at the clock in my car and think there’s no way I’m making it, and then low and behold I pull up to the Phelps Center with minutes to spare. Like a couple minutes, but still… it doesn’t make it any less miraculous. 
I know I need to be better about getting up earlier. Getting to work earlier. But baby steps people! 
I’m just thankful that the Lord allows me to see His tangible miraculous hand of grace at work in my life, even in my most mundane needs. And that He truly does honor those who honor Him. 
He can stretch time. He gives us extra minutes. He gives us an extra day.
Thanks Lord for Leap Day!

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