Me & My Imagination

So I kind of have this problem. Well it’s actually not really a problem per se. But like most things it can be a blessing or get me in to tons of trouble.

My Imagination.

It was the same when I was a little girl. It helped me out when I was in time-out. Mom would sit me in a chair facing the corner and inevitably I’d stay sitting there longer than my allotted time – the just punishment for my crime. But the real question is was sitting in a corner, taking a “time out” really punishment?
I’d sit there watching the shadows the afternoon light cast as it gleamed through the windows and see images or people in them… much like you would with big cumulous clouds in the sky. I’d make up stories about these shadow people, or I’d make up stories about myself. That I was princess stuck on a high pedestal, placed there by an evil queen and I was waiting for my prince to come and rescue me. Looking back I pity the “evil queen.” Trying to discipline me must have been a frustrating task to be sure!
And while my imagination kept me company, I think that, in and of itself was (and is) a bit of a problem.

Still to this day I amuse myself with creating scenarios in my head involving people in my life. Imagining situations and playing them out like a movie reel in my mind. Over-dramatizing. Living in a dream world. I think the technical term is “daydreaming”? No wonder I got the nickname “Spacey.” Ha! I don’t think I’ve grown out of it…
I remember the first time I watched the movie Amelie. My jaw was dropped the entire time because I felt like I was watching a movie about myself. It was me. Well, other than the fact that I’m not an only child, I’m not French, I don’t have brown eyes or a cute dark brown bob, and I don’t work in a sweet cafe serving cafe au laits. But other than that… Haha!
Well crazy imaginations are cute in movies, but in real life… um, yeah.
I think maybe this is why the Lord gave me the gift of writing… to channel all this misguided creativity.

But I still do catch myself every once in a while… I’ll hear a song that will make me see a scene of my life as if it were a movie… You know you’ve done it before!  Created a soundtrack to your life…

Well recently I came across this song and I kind of fell in love with it. It definitely stirred my imagination, but not necessarily in a bad way…
So, if my life were ever made into a movie, I, Jessika Christine Anspach have decided that this song would be the music playing during its preview. Not my theme song, but perfect for the preview.

So what’s the title of your life movie? What’s your preview song? Got a soundtrack for your life? Let your imagination run wild with it… just be sure you can reign it in.

And if you think I’m crazy and have no clue what I’m talking about watch this little clip from Amelie and you’ll get the idea…


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