Captivating Captivity

Well the storm hit alright. And stuck we were.
Six inches, and it’s never looked lovelier.
Still. Slowed to the pace of breathing. All sounds seemed muffled, echoing in the snow-insulated space. 
It felt like the whole world was waiting; paused peacefully in winter slumber. 
Hushed. Almost haunting. Afraid to shatter this picture-perfect with my footprint. But the clean crisp smell of snow tickled my nose, and as snowflake found its final resting place on my eyelash I took the step. It crumpled delightfully beneath my rubber boots, and with all the giddiness of my childhood self, my iPhone and I journeyed in to Familiarity transformed. 
It was another world out there, and my heart rejoiced that I’d dared to immerse myself in this scene rather than merely spectate. 
And I have to say this captivating captivity ministered to my soul.  
Here are some photos of my long walk. Did a lot of thinking. A lot of praying. A lot of praising. Our God is great. He truly is the most amazing Artist of all. 
And I have even more cause to rejoice because tonight my Grandpa Fred rests peacefully in his CICU room with a bigger, better and brand new valve in his heart! Yes, today was the day! He had open heart surgery and praise Jesus it went really well. The next 12-24 hours are still really critical, but he’s resting in the Almighty and Sovereign Hands of our Abba Father. And there’s no better place to be.


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