The Bestest Brother in the World!

Look at this little guy… Isn’t he cute?

It’s hard to believe today, Friday November 4th, 2011 this little guy is a quarter of a century old! The big two-five!!!! And while he may have outgrown the Mickey ears and red MC Hammer pants, he does still work a bow-tie from time to time.

So who is this cutie-pa-tootie?

 Well he’s my little brother William Barret Anspach. Or Bear-Bear, as we (the family) like to call him.
And seriously guys, I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, kinder, smarter or more wonderful brother in the whole wide world! I am SO proud of him!
I mean whose little brother at around 7 or 8 goes up to his mom and says “Mom, can you buy me a book so I can teach myself Chinese?” Mine did! Our dad brought him some sort of transformer toys from Hong Kong, but he couldn’t read the instructions so he thought he’d just teach himself Chinese… you know… easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? Ha! Mind you he was already in a Spanish Immersion program at school, and in his spare time created this entire imaginary world complete with it’s own language too.
But his creativity didn’t just stop there… Yeah, no. He also composes music. And by “composes music” I mean he went to The Juilliard School in NYC receiving his Masters of Music in Composition composes music (it’s not some tune he recorded on his Cassio keyboard…). And he did all that schooling (B.A. & M.M.) in 5 years!!! Sick. As a performing artist (not a creative one) it baffles me how he just creates these beautiful pieces of music. I mean they come out of his own head!!! It’s crazy!!! How does he do it? I could never do that!!!

And did I mention that he can not only rock out a sock monkey hat and a beard but a sweet ‘stache too?!!! Pretty impressive eh?

Like I said, I’m so proud of my little brother… He’d be the last person in the world to flaunt all of his accomplishments… in fact I’m sure this blog post will make him blush to a bright red. But that’s what big sisters are here for… to brag about their amazing little brothers! Especially on their birthday!

So yeah, I’m blessed. Blessed by my little brother, who’s not so little anymore. I’m so thankful that he is one of my best friends. He balances out my serious side with his goofiness. And I’m so grateful that it doesn’t matter what we do… As long as we’re together we’re guaranteed a great time.

Happy Birthday Bear-Bear!!!! May the Lord bless your socks off this year! And thanks for being the bestest brother a girl could ask for… Thanks for being my brother (not that you actually have a choice in it… haha!!!)


2 thoughts on “The Bestest Brother in the World!

  1. WBA says:

    Oh SIKA this is so SWEET!! Thank you for such an amazing, wonderful birthday. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, talented, gorgeous, gifted, assiduous, creative, hilarious, handy, entertaining, smart, dedicated, and absolutely lovely sister. Did I mention that you're great? And brag all you want, because I'll brag about you more. Love you so much, Big Sis!

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