Sneak peak

So I promise… I’ve been working on something.
It’s been on my heart for weeks to share with you all…
It’s been on the tip of my tongue.
But. Well. The words…
I can’t find them.
But tomorrow.
I promise.

But in the meantime here is an absolutely stunning bit of video magic created by the masterful Lindsey Thomas. We are so blessed to have her at PNB!!! What a gem!

Here are some factoids about the film she included to us insiders (okay just the PNB dancers and staff):

“5 Seattle-locations, 8 dancers, 3 hours of filming and 30 hours of editing…”

What a beautiful video. What a beautiful ballet. Would love to dance it one day.

Cylindrical Shadows – choreography by Annabella Ochoa, performed by PNB dancers, filmed in beautiful (sunny!!!!) Seattle.


** You can see this performed on stage in March 2012 during our New Works Rep, so mark your calendars and buy your tickets now!!! Click here to reserve your seat.


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