An Internal Struggle

Dear Body,

Would you please stop screaming at me? There’s absolutely no need to shout… I can hear you just fine.
And to be quite frank I’d appreciate it if you’d stop. This incessant whining isn’t getting either of us anywhere. I mean we’re both mature… I know, I know… you hate it when I call you “mature.” Well I didn’t say “old” did I? Though sometimes you look a bit decrepit and can act like a cantankerous old crow… Did I say that? Whoops… I meant to keep that one to myself. Guess it just slipped out. Sorry.
But my point is fighting in this childish manner isn’t going to get us anywhere, and your constant nagging and complaining only exacerbates things. In other words: you’re not helping.
Body, we need to work together. We’re a team. Remember?! It’s you and me.
I know I’ve been hard on you lately, with all the demands I’ve loaded on your plate… You were such a trooper, rising to the challenge of learning and performing Marco Goecke’s Place a Chill with so little actual rehearsal time in the last Rep. And then to flip a switch like you have, transitioning from contemporary ballet to classical overnight, and putting together A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 4 days?! I couldn’t ask for more!
I mean who could blame you for looking a little tired and weather-beaten? And I’m not saying you look bad… but, well, you need some rest. Shoot! We both could use some rest.
So for both our sakes, could you give it a rest and let me go to sleep right now? Pretty please? I’ll love you forever if you’ll just grant me this one request. I promise I won’t neglect you tomorrow. We’ll spend some quality time together… just the two of us. How does that sound? Good?
Well goodnight Body. We’ll talk tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there and calming down a little. You’re doing a great job. It’s okay… everyone has a freak-out every once in a while. Don’t worry about it. Now you rest up, ’cause you deserve it!


Your Better Half (a.k.a. the rest of Jessika)


2 thoughts on “An Internal Struggle

  1. アンア says:

    I am soo glad that you have a blog! I too am a fellow washingtonian! My dream is to become a professional Ballet dancer. I worry though because I feel like time is running out 😦
    What age did you start going to summer intensives? I hope you don't mind me asking.

  2. Jessika Anspach says:

    Not at all! I started going to summer programs when I was 13, and was a part of PNBS's Professional Division program when I was 17 (my Senior year of High School). Hope that helps… If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask! 🙂

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