Well I think the title says it all, that is if you can decipher my made-up word.
I don’t know if any of you have ever checked out the links on my sidebar titled “Friends and Favorites” (if you haven’t you should). Well let’s say, hypothetically, you went over and clicked on The inspiration (of course don’t do this till after you’ve read the whole post)… You’d be instantly transported to a magical site- one where handmade and vintage goodness abound.
Basically an indie ebay, Etsy is a host site for individual “boutiques” if you will – people’s personal stores that feature either handmade, homemade or vintage goods. And good they are!
You could spend hours (and by you I mean I) browsing “suggested shops” in search for the perfect cardigan, painting, headband… well, you name it. Etsy’s sure to have it! And everything (for the most part) is quite reasonably priced. So in the click of a mouse you could have an outfit that might easily be mistaken for one that came from The addiction, but that cost considerably less coin.
And since recently I’ve been stuck at home, due in part to snow and injury (not my injury but my sweet Momma who broke her foot), without homework to do I’ve found myself browsing quite a bit. Here are the things I’m salivating over…

Well, a girl can dream right?
Thank you Etsy and all the amazing virtual “shop keepers” that find and create all these beautiful works of art… Okay the Pelican t-shirt is hardly a work of art, but the Tranquility Band… now that’s true craftsmanship! To find these items and much much more click on the links below. And I hope Etsy inspires you too!


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