Footage of my life

Was it only 10 days ago that I posted an update to this blog? Ha! Only…

“Only” is kind of unacceptable. And yet the past 10 days have seemed an eternity longer than the 240 hours that they’ve actually been. 
So… “Footage of my life”, huh? 
Well if I were really being clever this post would be about caring for my disgusting feet, or explaining the mystery that are pointe shoes etc. – you know… something podiatric in nature. And, well, I guess in a very small way it does center around that- a shoe… a missing shoe. A missing slipper. A glass slipper. That’s right folks… Cinderella! It’s that time…

Kent Stowell’s Cinderella. Photo © Angela Sterling. 

Fortunately for me the clock has not yet struck 12 – the dream it is to dance this ballet has not yet vanished. But we’re now past the “just begun” stage and into “full swing” mode. My body is aching from the long six-hour rehearsal days I’m putting in, and my head is spinning from all the new choreography I’m trying to cram into my brain. And when I come home at night after eating dinner and some ibuprofen what do I do? I lay in bed, computer on my lap and I watch Cindy study tapes – with 6 different parts (two of which I asked to learn) it’s easy for me to get counts and steps confused. I live, eat and breathe Cinderella. But I wouldn’t have it any other way… I mean it’s dancing people!!! Not only that, but it’s Kent Stowell choreography, Prokofiev music and, well, it’s Cinderella – every little girls dream, and the best fairy tale of all.

And as I get ready in the morning, ready to begin again, I practice my faces in the bathroom mirror. “Faces?” you might ask… Ha ha!!! Watch this YouTube video and you’ll understand.

There’s so much more to say about this beautiful ballet, but according to Pacific Standard Time the clock struck 12 long ago and this little step-sis must be getting some rest. So that’s all for now… To buy your tickets to this exquisite, sometimes comical, but always magical production click here. But you’d better hurry – it’s one you won’t want to miss!


4 thoughts on “Footage of my life

  1. Jessika Anspach says:

    Hi Christy!

    YES! Along with Stepsisters I'm also dancing a whole slew of corps parts, so needless to say I'll be in every show.
    So glad to hear you're going! I hope you enjoy it. It still gives me goosebumps even just watching the study tapes. 🙂 The live show is so much better!!!


  2. Sue says:

    As always, I love your blog Jessika – Keegan is looking forward to dancing “with you” again this production!

    He comes home and says “Mom, I saw Jessika today.”

    We'll be at a couple of shows and look forward to watching you too.

    sue – keegan's mom

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