Futile Devices

It’s been a long long time…

Funny. This is not only true of this blog, but also the opening line of the opening song in Sufjan Stevens’ newest album, The Age of Adz (pronounced “odds”).

There’s so much to say, and on so many different topics – this album, this concert (I was blessed to see Sufjan at the Paramount Oct. 30th), this job; dreams that have awoken, lessons that are being learnt… There’s so much to say. So much so that it almost overwhelms me. I told my mentor the other day that I felt like I was in the eye of a tornado with life swirling chaotically around me (also a somewhat ironic analogy since I just finished studying cyclonic storms in my Weather, Climate, Geography & Soils class… but I digress). It feels like so many things are up in the air, and I’m waiting to see where everything lands before I can move forward.
And yet I have peace.
For those of you who know me you understand what a miracle – how “of the Lord” this is. Shoot, if you’re a Type A, natural born planner, a.k.a. control freak, you understand what a miracle this is.
Generally speaking, even the mere mention of chaos, lack of direction or movement makes my chest tighten and soul cringe as anxiety washes over me. This is my natural “old-self” reaction. But “the old has gone, the new has come”! Praise the Lord He is making me new.
I am new.
I am in the eye of the storm where all is calm amidst the dark whirling storm. I am full of peace. But I am tired. See, it does take energy to stand firm, to stay in the eye, to not get sucked into the cyclone. And that’s okay – okay to be tired (“Old-self” would have been shaking her finger at me for not being superwoman). Because I have the Everlasting Arms to rest in… just like the little boy I saw at church today who was sleeping in his dad’s arms during the service.

So I curl up in my Abba Father’s arms and I rest. And I feel safe. Nothing else matters. This first song on Sufjan’s album inspires these feelings in me – it’s an invitation to rest, to trust, to peace.
It’s been a long long time, and there is so much to say. There’s a lot of storm to describe. But I’ve come to realize that at times, when it comes to describing my swirling life, “words are futile devices.”

Enjoy “Futile Devices” by Sufjan Stevens via youtube. And buy his newest album here. Just do it.


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