Study Break

So right now I’m sitting up at my favorite local coffee shop – the Q.A. Uptown Espresso – attempting to defeat the beast that is my Weather, Climate, Vegetation and Soils homework. But it just won’t die. Why won’t it just die?!!!
The last couple days my eyes have felt like they’re crossing from reading and then re-reading my textbook as I try and understand high- and low-pressure systems that are caused by the increase/decrease in temperature due to differing amounts of insolation received at Earth’s surface. Wow. I’m even surprised I was able to articulate that much… Maybe one of these days I’ll get it. Hopefully that day is today, considering I have to take the test tomorrow.
Maybe this study break needs to be over…

And while I’m complaining to you all about my overwhelming load of homework, the reality is this weekend I did manage to have a lot of fun, spending time with
a) non-dancer friends watching dance
b) dancer friends playing lazer tag.
So for now I thought I’d share with you a text a friend of mine sent me the other night after attending an inspiring show by Spectrum Dance Theater. Keep in mind that post show we went to a French restaurant for moules-frites. It was bad. Really bad. And the aioli, well… I just won’t go there. But I’m stalling…

“You’re the wet sweat to my dance, the perfect aioli to my fries and the beautiful ever blooming bud in my vase 😉 love you Jess!”

Wow… what a friend! I am blessed. And now back to the books…


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