No Words…

So literally I have no words.

Speaking is kind of challenging right now because my throat is totally swollen – I’m having a hard time just swallowing my own spit. Oh and did I mention I’m speaking at the Body‘s Women’s Ministry Leadership Dessert tomorrow night. It’s like our big fall kick-off where our Senior Pastor commissions us for leadership this coming year.

And I may have Strep Throat.

Obviously the Enemy doesn’t want me talking.

The “talk” is titled (only on the Word doc I wrote on my laptop) Feeding, Fasting and Fall. I’ll definitely tell you more about it later, but right now I should probably try and get some sleep… I’ve been laying in bed the entire day eating Sugar-Free Lime jello, soup and drinking lots of Vitamin ZERO. Hopefully my excellent doctor can shed some light on this issue in the morn, but for now more sleep.

And yet as I write this I must confess that part of my “fasting” in this talk is mainly related to fasting from my computer… I know. This will be hard. This will be bad for my blog. But this is actually really good – for me and prioritizing my quite time and relationship with the Lord. So unfortunately you all have to suffer the consequences of my inability to keep the Lord in His rightful place – on the Throne of my life.

So for now that’s all. Sorry to be so vague and brief, but it’s time for bed. Just felt I should let you know that I’m still alive, albeit a bit sick, and will be back to give you more juicy bits of my life and the Lord’s lessons once this fasting’s over.



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