So do you remember that outfit I told you about in Childhood Grown Up? The one Mary Lennox wore in The Secret Garden that I was swooning over… the jumper, black tights and oxfords?

Well I found it! The grown up version that is…
The only thing I wish is that the jumper were that great yellowish green. This one’s more yellowy cream. Oh well… it’s still cute.

The Jumper.

See by Chloé. Found at but I’m sorry to say it’s sold out. Bummer.

The Blouse.

This one I found at the inspiration. It’s an oh so sweet vintage version that’s much more cost effective. Buy it here.

This one I found at the addiction. It too could work, although with the jumper straps, the neck line might pose a problem. Regardless, it’s very cute and on sale too! Buy it here.
Otherwise you could really just go with the blouse the jumper’s already paired with. Although that one is definitely not sale priced… But I guess if it’s on it technically is…

The Shoes

I found both pairs at Urban Outfitters. Option A with a heel, Option B with a flat. Let your legs decide.

And of course this outfit would not be complete without a thick pair of black tights/leggings. But I think you can manage to find those on your own.

And I am happy. Inspiration come to life. I love it!


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