Vail "Vacation" Part II in photos

Sorry, sorry, sorry…

It’s been so long since I updated this. Yikes. My bad.
We’ll I’m actually on vacation now – 2 weeks off, and I can’t tell you how necessary this time is, mainly for the preservation of my sanity. I was chatting with my pastor’s wife last Sunday and she so sweetly said to me, “Your life is never lacking drama” – or something to that effect. And as much as I would like to say otherwise, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this is the truth. This week has not been an exception to this truth. In fact this has been a Struggles the Cat week. 

But I digress…

So here is the second installment of Vail “vacation” in photos. I write “vacation” because it wasn’t a true vacation – we most certainly did work, and the work we did wasn’t easy – but when we did have some time off, we definitely enjoyed ourselves in this affluent little resort town. So here are little snapshots (literally) of our tour to Vail, CO. Enjoy!

Waiting at Sea-Tac. I’m hanging out on the carpet with the babies – Shmelsea (Chelsea Adomaitis) and Shmanda (Amanda Clark).

Buckle up! It’s up, up and away – off to Denver, CO. Can’t you tell we’re excited?

My view for the majority of the flight… well not quite. But I guess there are worse things to look at than Andrew’s underwear.

“Would you like to sit next to a ballerina?” said the flight attendant to a little 6 year-old girl who sat next to Liora.

Dancers congregating in the aisles. The flight attendants sure loved us. Thank goodness we had Ezra with us to smooth things over. 
After waiting for James to go all the way back through the Denver airport security to claim a bag he left on the plane we finally board the bus that will take us to our final destination: Vail. 
Carli Samuelson and Will Lin-Yee. They make such a cute couple.

Abby Relic and Barry Kerollis. They’re a couple too – just not the romantic type.

A third couple? Nope that’s just Bartells (Andrew Bartee) and Lovey-Dovey (Emma Love).

Jerry rocking out on the keys.

Looks like BK needed a nap.

Potty break! Enter Georgetown. No, this is not a mistake – we’re still in CO not D.C. 

Abby what are you doing there on the ground?

Ohhh… gotcha. Girlfriend get that gas out. That’s no bueno holdin’ it in. Just not on the bus.
Finally we arrive! Our home for the next 6 days and 5 nights would be Manor Vail. It was lovely, although the décor left something to be desired. Oh yeah, and air-conditioning would have been nice too. But I have to say Abby and Barry won the prize for the “best” room. And by best I mean so bad it’s good.
Ahhh! I don’t know what’s scarier… the fact that there’s a Christmas tree with a huge bear in their room or Barry’s face.
I take it back. Hands down, the most frightening thing in their room were the Granny panties that Barry found under the humidifier. Why would you pick those up? Why?

In Vail, we have this tradition of going to this amazing restaurant. You could almost call it a pilgrimage the food is that good. It’s called Kelly Liken. Go there. We did. And it was yummy. But I think you can tell that from our faces. Oh and Barry needed some Chapstick.

High School Musical? Nope. Just class and rehearsals in the Vail Mountain School Gymnasium. However the floor resembled more an ice-skating rink than a ballet studio.

Chillin’ on the bleachers. We’re all a little tired.

And begin Square Dance finale. I’m so not envious.

Sarah and Chal waiting for 3 Movements rehearsal to start.

There were two other photos of these three but this one was the only one that wasn’t blurry. Boo busted camera.

After rehearsal I decided to go to soak in some Vitamin D while working on a paper. The “teenage ghetto” decided to join me. As you can imagine I got a lot of work done.

Work those sickled feet!

It looks like Andrew’s baptizing Amanda…

Either that or drowning her. (In reality I believe they’re playing some sort of game called “categories” made up by Mandy – I’m too old for these things…)
Saturday. The big day. And this is where we took class, rehearsed and performed. It’s pretty amazing. Absolutely loved dancing outside. It was glorious!

Not-so-dressed Dress rehearsal. This is the male solo of Balanchine’s Square Dance. That-a-boy Ben!

Get that attitude Carli! With the slow shutter speed of my camera it truly is a miracle I captured this moment.

And fast-forward to Sunday. Program 2. Barry and I getting ready for some “Cool.” We’re giving you some fierce face here. My hair on the other hand is not so hot, much like the temperature… but I’ll save that little tidbit story for next time…

Juvenile delinquents. But Leah definitely has on my favorite dress. But no complaints about my attire. It’s definitely the Anthro outfit of the West Side Story Suite lot. 

And we’re done! Time for the after-party. Abby’s doing Barry’s crazy hair while he drinks a Bud Light and eats Carrots. Interesting combo… Don’t think I’d go for it, but more power to you BK.

And didn’t Abby do a great job? He wanted it crazy and that’s what he got. We are such the odd couple in this photo. Crazy windswept slightly emo man with conservative polished Anthro girl. I love it! And I hope you loved these photos too. 
The End.


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