Mass production

Okay so first off I apologize in advance for well, I guess it’s going to be the next couple weeks.
My Creative Non-Fiction Writing class is over in, WOW… it’s just a week and I’m supposed to have published 10 blog posts since July. Currently I’m at 5.
So in the next week I will be mass producing blog posts. Not ideal because I like to spread the love so to speak. But also it just feels, in a word, wrong. It’s like getting those stock letters where your name “fills in the blank” at the top. It’s an attempt at personal, but at the same time almost more offensive because it’s so not.
Well I hope that these blogs don’t seem impersonal or written to just “git ‘er done” as my co-worker Abby would say. I hope that they actually inspire something in you whether that be laughter, thought, action, or maybe just a refreshing and much needed escape from the daily grind.

At any rate you can be sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the very future.
Well next up is one on hope. And then “Vacation” in Vail Parts I… well I don’t know how many parts there’ll be… Adventures in D.C. turned into a trilogy. But please feel free to send in requests. I’m always up for suggestions and inspiration!

Now it’s off to bed. And my hotel room is hot. Too hot. And there’s no air-conditioning. I hope I can sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day up here at 8,000 ft! Or is it 9,000? At this point it doesn’t really matter. And now I’m rambling.


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