Adventures in D.C. Part III – Final installment

I have a headache.
It’s now past midnight, I haven’t finished writing my paper, I’m hot and I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with me… No, seriously, I’m going to the doctor on Friday.
Needless to say I shouldn’t be writing on my blog right now I should be going to bed.
Don’t worry this too will happen soon.
But I had to post something.

So D.C. the final addition…
What didn’t I tell you?

Well the best and biggest surprise (other than actually getting to go to D.C. in the first place) was that my lil brodder Bear-Bear came down from NYC, enduring a nightmare bus journey, to see me perform on Saturday night. What an awesome gift!!!! I love spending time with my bro! We have so much fun together.
After the show we met up with some friends of his for an excellent dinner at which point we parted ways, but fear not! He met me at 10am sharp for brunch the next morning in Georgetown. And boy was he looking sharp… But then he always does.
We ate at the most amazing little Austrian “Kafe,” that was tucked away off the main “M” Street drag: Kafe Leopold. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
The menu is extensive, and everything not only sounds amazing, but looks amazing, from their salads to their desserts. The hardest part is deciding what to order.
Well having scoped the place out earlier (I had lunch there) one item on their breakfast menu intrigued me. I had to order it.
Described as “Scrambled soufflé with plum-compote and currants,” Kaisershmarrn mit Zwetschgenroster was, well… I think the photo below can tell you how I, or rather my taste-buds felt about this particular culinary masterpiece.
At any rate I got home and tried to re-create this by scrambling vanilla soufflé batter with currants on a grittle. Yeah. Not so much… I should have just googled the Austrian name for the actual recipe instead of creating my own. Whoops.
So below are some photos of Bear-Bear and Sika (that’s my brother and I for those of you who are unfamiliar with our nicknames) in D.C. Maybe when I’m not so tired I’ll find that recipe, or perfect my own and share it with y’all. But for the time being you’re just gonna have to eat at Kafe Leopold. Sorry you West Coast folk…

Yep. I always order the best thing on the menu…

Thanks Bear for the wonderful surprise and I can’t wait to see you in a week!


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