… all dressed in white….

Here comes the Bride… All dressed in white… doo dah de dah, do do dah, de de dah….
Does anyone actually know how that song ends – like the lyrics? I remember singing it as a little girl when my friends and I played dress up.

You know… One of us would be draped in a white sheet with a smelly dandelion bouquet and the other would either be the pastor, the bridesmaid, or if we couldn’t wrangle my little brother into being the groom… Yeah. I think you get the picture. I feel like I rarely was wearing the sheet… But I still don’t know the end of that stupid tune.

Anyway, last week it was my dear friend Corene DenHerder’s turn to wear the sheet – the real sheet. And she looked so beautiful!
In general, as a single person, weddings can either be depressing or inspiring. This wedding was definitely the latter. Miraculously it was an absolutely gorgeous day – there wasn’t a cloud in that endless blue sky; a miracle considering that this is the Northwest, and also that just 2 days before it was one of the coldest 4th of July’s I can recollect. And apart from the DJ forgetting the best man’s name right before the toasts, he actually played some killer songs! I was dancing even before the dancing began.

But what really set this wedding apart for me was the story of the bride and groom – how they met, how they dated and how they love each other. Having been in a Discipleship group with Corene for years, I have known how patiently and persistently she’s been praying for her husband – but not from a heart of desperation, but full of peace and assurance that He had someone out there for her that He was preparing. And man did He do a great job! Their relationship is an example to me of not only answered prayers, but of the Lord’s perfect provision and perfect timing.

So cheers to you Mr. & Mrs. Repnik aka Dave and Corene!!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly in this new adventure He’s has you both on side-by-side, hand-in-hand. I love you guys and thanks for an incredible party!

PS – Here’s a couple photos of the happy couple and this amazing day taken by the amazing Rachel Harris.


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