A special shout out…

Okay so I lied… Adventures in D.C. Part II is not what you will be reading now. In fact you really won’t be reading much this post because honestly there’s not much to say. Except…

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary Daddy and Momma!

Thank you for not just teaching me but living out the definition of commitment. Thank you for exemplifying the Lord’s redemption, grace and relentless perseverance in your marriage. Thank you for giving me a realistic but hopeful perspective – that it’s not always “Happily Ever After,” but it is “For Better or Worse.” And when the “worse” is worked through it is so much better! 

Congratulations on 26 years! Here’s to 26 more!

Aren’t they cute?! I love you guys and am blessed to have you as my parents!
Your Honey Bunny

2 thoughts on “A special shout out…

  1. ballylynnspaniels says:

    What a great series of photos. Your parents start out looking like American Gothic (are you familiar with that painting?) and end up looking like Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Hopefully they (and you) won't be offended by this comparison. I just enjoyed the series of photos.

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