Style, Elegance and Grace

Some people like Marilyn Monroe. Others are more partial to Jackie O. And then there are those Hepburns- Katherine and Audrey! I definitely am an Audrey fan. I mean who could not love those big eyes, sweet pixie haircut and gladiator sandals in Roman Holiday? Or the unbelievable Givenchy masterpieces she wore in Funny Face and Sabrina? And she definitely brought a chicness (dare I say sexiness?) to pencil pants, ballerina flats, and tuxedo shirts – as sleepwear of course!

But over the past couple years I have come to find a new fashion muse. She her style was sophisticated and elegant, yet completely effortless. Always put together but never “dolled up,” her beauty was natural and refined. And in all things she not only embodied, but exuded grace. Appropriate then that her name was Grace – Grace Kelly.

A Hitchcockian goddess, a patroness of the arts and a did I forget to mention a Princess, she made white the new “black,” gloves and shades the go-to accessories, and is one of the only women I know who truly knew how to work a strand of pearls.
So below are some classic Grace Kelly looks and possible current day counterparts. I hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me, or at least brings you a deeper appreciation of a woman who was beautiful inside and out.

Work those shades Grace…

So I saw this picture and it almost inspired me to buy this bikini, but then I realized I would never look like that. Bummer.

Maybe Grace would wear this amazing floppy hat by Kokin. Maybe…

 Definitely summer wedding attire inspiration. All this dress needs is a classic double-strand of pearls.

Maybe if I wear this dress by Xeniya or that dress by sarahseven I could catch me a thief, or a Cary Grant. That would be nice…
I have this impulse to take one of these photos, go to the salon and say “Here. I want this.” But me and platinum blonde could be fatal… At any rate, even if I can’t look like Grace I certainly can most certainly imitate her style, presence and grace. 


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