Food, food, glorious food!

Today, as I was crossing the 520 bridge on my way to work, I found myself contemplating my many paradoxical characteristics… I’ll give you one:

I love to cook, and yet I hate to cook for myself.
I think most of you can relate to this. Needless to say I don’t really cook much these days. But this doesn’t negate the fact that I thoroughly enjoy good food, especially a well crafted meal.
So what’s a single girl to do in such a predicament? Dozens of dates? Ha ha… I’m so funny… (this is me we’re talking about…)
But praise the Lord I live in Seattle, home of foodies galore, amazing chefs and their restaurants! With this palate paradise awaiting me, I will occasionally treat myself to an evening out – a date of sorts with me, myself and my journal for company.
So where to go?
The criteria list is a short one, but oh so important:
  1. Good food.
  2. Good ambiance.
  3. Good people-watching.

And I have been craving one place that not only checks off these three essential elements, but takes all my senses to a “happy place” if you will.

It’s Spur Gastropub, self-described as “An Intimate Urban Pub in Belltown. Plates to Share. Cocktails to Entice.”
This “urban pub” is small, but dressed in casual, industrial elegance. With it’s slate blue tones, wooden slab tables, and warm candlelight it creates an inviting and relaxed environment to retreat to after a long day’s work, wether it be for just a drink or a stomach-satisfying meal.
And with award-winning chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough at the helm, your tastebuds are in for quite the ride! Using farm-fresh, local and seasonal ingredients to inspire their unpretentious culinary creations, it’s hard to know just what to order…
Cattail Creek Lamb Saddle with potato, yogurt and spring vegetables?
Pan seared trout with quinoa, carrots and almond milk?
Or how about the favorite Pork Belly Sliders with corn, ramps and bourbon…
My suggestion? Either go with friends or go often. On second thought, forget the “Either” and “or” part of that statement. Just go!!!! Your senses will thank you.
To find out more information about this amazing restaurant and their current menu check out their blog here. Reserve your table now!
Images by Matthew and Julien can be found here and here courtesy of

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