I am ruined…

So for Christmas this past year my Dad successfully surprised me with an amazing gift. And let me tell you that is quite a feat.

I am probably one of the best gift-givers I know. I don’t mean for that to sound cocky… it’s just the truth. You can ask my family and I think they’d probably agree. But apparently I am one of the hardest people to shop for. Of course I don’t see this because there are plenty of things I see that I like and want… But I think the problem lies in the fact that I’ll just buy that stuff for myself. So for holidays requiring gift giving (a.k.a. my birthday and Christmas) I will give my family a list, or go shopping with my mom and point out to her what I like/want from the store.

But this Christmas my Dad somehow managed to think of something I dearly desire that was not included on the list:

Le Creuset Cookware

And I am ruined… utterly ruined.

You see there’s something about Le Creuset… It’s hard to describe. Using my new blue dutch oven for the first time I felt like I was somehow participating in history. That I was now a part of the long line of famous chefs, foodies and faithful housewives who have gone before me slaving over their sumptuous culinary creations all of which have been forged in the works of art that are Le Creuset pots and pans.
And works of art they are! Each one is individually forged and enameled in hues ranging from the classic Cobalt to Kiwi. The craftsmanship and work that goes in to each piece is truly magnificent! And what magnificent results do these beautiful pieces produce. As I hypothetically asked one friend, staring down at her beautiful curry housed in her round cobalt blue dutch oven

“Why does Le Creuset make everything look so beautiful?”
She just looked over at me and laughed.

So posted below are some photos of a yummy meal I made for my mom and dad using my very own Le Creuset dutch oven.
The menu:
Grilled Swordfish with Tomato Braised Cauliflower from Michael Psilakis’ amazing cookbook How to Roast a Lamb: new greek classic cooking.

Bon Appetit!


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