Dancing in my Kitchen

So just recently I had to write my last paper for the Creative Non-Fiction Writing class I’m taking this quarter at Bellevue College.
The topic: Family.
Yes! This was the perfect opportunity for me to finally gets some words down on paper (well I guess on a Word doc…) about the amazing and enlightening road trip my mom and I (and brother for the first portion of the trip) took to Fargo, ND via Billings, MT.

No. This blog post is not going to be about that road trip. I’ll save that for another time.

But in order to transport myself back to last summer- to conjure up the emotions and the memories from that trip I did a little digging. I looked at the photo journal I’d put together of the “Great Adventure,” as I like to call it, while listening to the music we played in my car as we traversed westward across I-90.

And the song that I associate with this trip is called “Hallelujah Junction.”

It’s actually a piece by composer John Adams and ironically it’s from an album titled “Road Movies.” And I’m obsessed with it. I’m done with the paper but I’m certainly not done with “Hallelujah Junction.” It brings out the little girl in me… you know… the one who twirls around in the living room dancing to music in her head. Only this time it’s a 25 year old woman dancing to John Adams in her kitchen. Yes. I am a nerd. I am a ballerina. And I love it.

Anyway, here’s the last two movements on a YouTube video. What does it inspire in you?

And here’s a little something extra… Ballet and John Adams combined. Someday I’d like to dance this… hope you enjoy my two current obsessions.


One thought on “Dancing in my Kitchen

  1. LittleMoonGirl says:

    The “twirls around in the living room” part of this post hit a soft spot. I remember when I was three years old,and whenever a song came on the TV I would immediately get up and start twirling in circle. Perhaps it's a dancer thing? πŸ™‚

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