Fremont Flea Market Fun

So I’ve been trying to catch up with life since the ceasing of The Sleeping Beauty and my return from the Big Apple. You know… laundry, dusting, cleaning the toilet and shower… stuff I’ve conveniently let slide for you don’t want to know how long.

But in playing this game of catch up I find I’ve utterly neglected my blogging duties. For those four people who follow me, please accept my most profound apologies.
And yet somehow, it seems that amidst the piles of laundry and mountains of moth balls, I still manage to get in an occasional “I want to…” here and there.

This past Sunday was an “I want to.”

“To?” you might be asking. “To what?”

The Fremont Flea Market!
Finds? Yes! A beautiful pair of amazing vintage shades that you will see me sport in the near future… nearer especially if this sunny Spring-like weather continues!

But below are some photos I took of various collections of oddities one can only at this amazing event that happens every Sunday. Come and check it out. Who knows what treasures you might leave with…


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