Random Thought…

So I was driving home today and this thought occurred to me…

If you are in a “Left turn only” lane why do you have to use your turn signal? I mean it’s not like you’re randomly going to go straight or just out of the blue decide to take a right. Everyone knows you’re turning left. It seems kind of ridiculous and redundant to have to use your blinker…

Just something that puzzles me.

Something else that puzzles me… Where do all the lost socks go? I mean seriously… I had two on my feet. I put them BOTH in the hamper, and they BOTH went into the washer. But when I go to pair them up after drying there the lone one remains. It’s mate has gone missing… Where are you little sock? Did the two of you have a domestic dispute in the wash? Is there some magic land full of nymphs and unicorns and single socks? Sometimes I really do wonder…


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