First or Last?

Well it’s Sunday… the last day of the week and the last day of my vacation here in NYC.
Hmm… but this statement calls to mind a thought:

Is Sunday the last day of the week or the first day? Typically I view it as the last day because it finishes my weekend. But on every calendar (well maybe not every calendar) it’s Sunday that starts off the row of days on the grid.
Mondays always seem to be wretched days, but I think that’s mainly the result of self-fulfilling prophecy. You know… Monday’s are bad because I perceive them in a negative light. They mark the beginning of the endless and tedious work week full of the “have to”s, and not the “want to”s that I daydream of, but must patiently wait for till the weekend arrives.
But what if I saw Sunday as the first day of my week instead of Monday? I wonder how it would change my perspective and my attitude if I started my week off not only by doing those “want to”s, but with my focus where it should be… on the Lord?
Sunday is my Sabbath- my day of rest. It’s the day where re-fuel, enjoying my family (both literal family and church family), but also prepare for the week ahead. Maybe if I started to view this day as the beginning of my week (and not the end), maybe I would begin to put God first in all things, and not last. Maybe if I started to view the first day of my week as a gift – a day off – then I would welcome Mondays with joy, feeling rested and prepared instead of resentfully dreading them.
Hmmm… maybe I will have to shift my thinking for next week… What do you think? Are Sundays first or last?


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