Addiction? Inspiration!

Okay I have a confession to make.
I love beautiful clothes.
It’s not like I’m a shopoholic… Borderline – yes. But I can still refrain myself.
I’m inspired by -and by “I’m” I mean my wallet- unique pieces I find in vintage shops and flea markets. I like my clothes to have character just like me. After all, what I wear on the outside should reflect the different facets of Me that remain hidden on the inside. Soft silhouettes of chiffon and a closet full of “twirl-factor” dresses pay homage to my cleverly disguised inner girly-girl, and muted slate blue tones reflect the deep-thinker that I am. Crisp whites and soft creams reveal my diminishing perfectionistic side.

But lately I’ve been inspired by kindergarten? Or is it my favorite condiment?

Well whatever it is, I find myself constantly buying clothing items in a marigold or mustard hue. I saw this photo of Diane Kruger on the red carpet at the SAG Awards and felt it tied it all together. Primary colors! But slightly more mature versions of the elementary school art class lesson: Marigold/mustard yellow, vibrant red and deep navy blue.

So here are some photos I found of things I swoon over –

(From top to bottom: , Semi-Matte Lipstick in Heat wave by NARS, All Seasons Shirtdress, Midnight Stroll Dress by sarahseven, Intermission Heels, Marigold Cocktail Dress by sarahseven, Sun Dot Dress, Red White-Vintage Hair Pin by Sumikoshop, The Petal Bag by sketchbook.)

Diane Kruger Photo date: 23 January 2010 Photo by Steve Granitz – ยฉ – Image courtesy


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