Man’s Best Friend

So a co-worker of mine went with her boyfriend to pick up their new dog today… a Border Collie to be exact.
And I am jealous.
For a long time I’ve wanted a dog(s). Practically speaking, it doesn’t make sense for me right now. There are things that need to come first… like a house with a yard. Or at least a place of my own that is close enough to work so I can go on my lunch and let him out. But still… that doesn’t keep me from dreaming. And dream I have! Not only do I know exactly what kind of dogs I want – I even know their names! Yes… I’m a little crazy.
I want a blue merle Border Collie boy, preferably with blue eyes.
And he shall be called Zebedee… or Zeb, Zebby, Zebedudah… really any permutation of this amazing Biblical name. For a dog.
The other I have not fully decided upon a breed. I know I want it to be kind of mangy and fairer haired, and ENORMOUS. I would love an Irish Wolfhound, but can you say expensive? Other considerations are blonde labradoodles, although it would have to be on the larger side with a wavy not curly coat, and let’s be honest, those are just about as expensive as the Wolfhounds…
But he shall be called Nebo – as in the mountain Moses died on. Big name for the little dog, little name for the big dog.

Well one of these days I’ll find you Zebedee. Someday I’ll find you too Nebo.

You could be a Zebedee –

You could be a Nebo –

photo taken by me’nthedogs’ found here on Flickr


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