And so it begins…

I can’t believe I have a blog.
I feel like I just have to say that for the record. It’s not that I don’t like writing. I do. And it’s not that I don’t have things say or express. Boy if you only knew… So what’s the problem you might ask? The “you” is precisely the problem! Who are “you”? Are “you” even out there? And why would “you” want to read all the randomness that spills out of my brain and onto this blog?
A dear friend of mine started a blog what seems like eons ago… you know, before blogging was all the rage… I used to tease him about it, to which he would counter my objections to his “exhibitionistic journaling” by saying that he had such-and-such number of people reading his blog daily. Proudly, he stated that they were interested in his daily life and found his often dramatic accounts thrilling, humorous or just plain entertaining. I can’t disagree. He is, after all, a very good writer.
You see he and I are alike and yet completely opposite. We both are creative people, with a flair for the dramatic, and enjoy writing. But while his instrument of choice is a computer keyboard, mine is a pen or pencil. My thoughts, dreams, desires and miscellaneous musings are recorded where they should be – in a journal! For my eyes only. Besides, a) who would want to know these things anyway and b) some things are just too embarrassing for me to even re-read let alone allow someone else’s eyes to see.
And yet there are so many things I do long to share; so many strange insights the Lord’s blessed me with. Why wouldn’t I want to share these gifts I’ve so graciously received?
Well it is now past midnight and I have a busy work-day ahead of me. Needless to say this internal struggle has been going on for a while… And over what? A stupid blog?!!! I think I must be going crazy. Once again Jessika my dear, you over-think things…
At any rate, “you,” whomever you may be, can expect to enjoy many other delightful installments to what I can promise will be, if anything, an odd-ball blog. And you can thank my Creative Non-Fiction class for that!
Who knows… Maybe, as one incredible actor once said “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. WBA says:

    Sika! Keep it up! You know, it's good for the constitution. Gets you fit fast, moving your fingers like that. (?!) Well, both of us together can be oddballs. Love you!

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